HVAC Systems & Maintenance

Installation of HVAC Systems and regular maintenance for peak performance

We specialise in the design and installation of HVAC systems, covering the broad range of HVAC options.

Our full range of commercial kitchen ventilation services including design and planning, manufacture, installation, maintenance and servicing as well as the supply of replacement parts.

With over 30 years experience working for all kinds of restaurant, takeaway and catering business located throughout the UK, we provide a range of planned preventative HVAC services offering peace of mind.

Without regular maintenance, HVAC systems are vulnerable to wear and tear and are at an increased risk of help minimise incurring unwanted costs. Well-maintained systems will continue to run at peak performance and can assist in reducing energy bills.

Contact us on 01761 453666 or email sales@ack-wokcookers.com to discuss HVAC Systems and Maintenance.

For further detail on all our Ventilation Products and Systems click here.

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