Design & Fitting

A design and fitting service to create the optimum space for your successful catering business

We offer a full range of front and back of house design and fitting services for restaurants, takeaways and catering businesses of all kinds. If you're looking for a completely new installation or looking to upgrade your existing commercial kitchen, our design and fitting service will create the optimum space for you to run a successful business.

A full design and fitting service means we will take care of the installation of your catering equipment from beginning to end, including a free site survey. Our engineers are experienced to provide a comprehensive installation service on both LPG and Natural Gas.

We guarantee that your equipment will be designed and installed :

  • to the most exacting standards by our own designers and qualified engineers

  • to agreed timelines with minimum disruption to your business.

Contact us on 01761 453666 or email to discuss design and fitting of ACK catering equipment.

Professional Kitchen Design and Management

Functional and flow designs in commercial kitchens are of primary importance for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Well thought out designs, not only enhances efficiency and coordination between chefs and other staff, they also help to provide better meals to customers, and encourages them to return more often.

In contrast, poorly designed kitchens, with the wrong utensils placed in the wrong places would degrade the efficiency. Typically this reduces the harmony among staff, curtails creativity and skills of chefs, and has a negative impact on the business.


kitchen design and management

To address this problem, we adhere closely to the following guidelines when we design commercial kitchens for customers:

  • Try to understand the dishes the kitchen will be prepare, and design accordingly to maximise efficiency.

  • Separate raw from cooked food to ensure a hygienic environment, and at the same time keep the flow path as short as possible to make the flow obvious.

  • Divide the kitchen into sections to guarantee better cooperation between chefs responsible for different parts of the food preparation process, raising productivity and the quality of food prepared.

  • To achieve the best coordination between cooking utensils and to allow reasonable space for their efficient use to create better management and visibility.

  • To lay out only the appropriate utensils to reduce idling and wastage.

  • To improve on less functioning areas of the original layout to achieve an optimised and economical outcome.

  • To properly design a suitable ventilation systems to guarantee sufficient flow of clean fresh air for a comfortable working environment.

  • Conforms to fire, industrial safety and environmental protection regulations.

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