Steamed Rice


While electric rice cookers are convenient and automatic. The basic function doesn’t allow the chef to have full control over the process. With the proliferation of rice grain varieties, the auto-programmed rice cooker doesn’t always cook those grains thoroughly, which can lead to undercooked rice.
Chefs who favour the traditional method of steaming will find the ACK steamer ideal for cooking rice to perfection in large quantities and without having to check on water levels.

Cooking Time10 minsServes2

Cooking Time10 mins



  • Rice

The ACK steamer is ideal for cooking rice to perfection in large quantities.


  1. Measure the amount of rice you plan to cook in a large bowl and pour warm water into the bowl to rinse excess starch from the rice.
  2. Carefully drain the rice of the milky coloured water.
  3. Repeat this process until the water runs almost clear.
  4. Cut your parchment paper to create a liner for the bottom and sides of the steamer tray. The liner will prevent the rice from falling through the openings in the tray.
  5. Pour your well-rinsed rice into the lined steamer tray.
  6. Turn on the ACK Steamer unit and allow the water to a boil.
  7. Set the steamer tray on top of the ACK Steamer and place a lid or additional trays on top.
  8. Test the rice after 20 minutes, continuing to do so every five minutes until the rice is cooked to your liking.

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