Wok cookers

Comprehensive gas and induction wok cooker ranges designed and made in the UK

Gas and induction wok cooker ranges for commercial kitchens, busy restaurants, takeaways and hotels. 

ack warranty guarantee with CE mark

Gas wok cooker range

The traditional style of Oriental wok cooking combined with quality design and craftsmanship results in the ACK gas wok cooker ranges. Our ranges include heavy duty and medium duty Chinese-style gas wok cookers cooled with air or water and feature some of the most innovative and time saving technology.

Designed and made in the UK, all our gas wok cookers are CE safety standards approved, and come with range specific parts and labour warranties.


medium duty wok cooker icon

Top quality wok cooker range at exceptional value, ideal for a busy takeaway or smaller restaurant.


heavy duty wok cooker icon

Premium quality wok cooker range suitable for busy takeaways, restaurants and hotels.

Induction wok cooker range

Suitable for busy restaurants and takeaway kitchens of all sizes, our induction wok cookers are a convenient alternative to gas supplied wok cookers.

The rapid induction hob heating provides fast and efficient on-demand cooking. With the various performance and safety benefits associated with induction cooking, this is fast becoming a favourite for chefs and businesses owners.

induction wok cooker

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