Commercial kitchen make-up air systems

Effective clean air replacement

Ventilation systems need to supply an adequate amount of replacement air as well as extracting the unwanted air, pollutants, smoke and grease particles. We can install effective make-up air input systems that work efficiently with a kitchen's exhaust system.

Make-up air systems

Regulations now require that ventilation systems supply an adequate amount of replacement air as incorrect flueing can lead to incomplete combustion and the build up of pollutants such as carbon monoxide. We can install effective make-up air input systems that work efficiently with a kitchens exhaust system.

For commercial kitchens it is vital to keep good air flowing as smoothly as possible. If your existing kitchen extraction vent is struggling or making a noise, it might be time to install a make-up air unit. When our design teams are custom designing ventilation systems for commercial kitchens a makeup air system is an essential element of the overall solution.

A make-up air unit is a ventilation device used to regulate the flow of air and exhaust in the kitchen. For the safety and comfort of workers, it is necessary to circulate clean air as part of the kitchen ventilation system. Without make-up air, their would be negative air pressure, poor temperature fluctuations, and a number of air quality issues.

The kitchen exhaust fan is responsible for pulling air out of the kitchen, especially when the cooking turns the air hot. But when air is drawn out, it needs a reliable source to be able to pump clean air back in. A make-up air unit can pull clean, cool air from outside and circulate it through the kitchen.

make-up air ventilation system

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For further information on make-up air systems download the latest ACK commercial kitchen ventilation systems catalogue. 

Commercial kitchen make-up air system options

High performance ventilation systems are an essential demand of any reputable and compliant commercial kitchen for a clean, comfortable and safe working environment. As well as make-up air input, the systems we custom design and install for our customers comprise of many areas of expertise and options which, when combined give you the perfect kitchen.


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Ventilation HSE documents

Keeping you up to date with the latest commercial kitchen HSE regulations, DEFRA guidelines or other kitchen ventilation related specifications.

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