Commercial kitchen canopy systems

High performance canopy systems for a clean, comfortable and safe working environment

We specialise in high performance, custom made canopy extraction systems designed for commercial kitchens in catering businesses, restaurants, takeaways and hotels.

Canopy systems

Our canopy systems are designed to remove air impurities, grease and excess heat as a central part of the overall extraction system.

All commercial kitchens need effective canopy extraction and our team will work with you to understand your plans on what you will be cooking, the capacity of the equipment and any further plans you might have for future expansion. From this initial fact finding and planning stage we can design the ideal canopy configuration that fits both your budget and requirements, giving you the perfect kitchen.

All our canopy systems are made in the UK by a team of experienced engineers at our own factory. They use the highest quality 1.2mm stainless steel including front and back of house overhead canopies, wall mounted and island types made to requirements in line with DW/172 HSE regulations. We also recognise that many kitchens are more open plan, even to the point of customers getting full visibility of the food preparation areas. With the design quality and aesthetic properties of our systems, commercial kitchens can look great as well as perform impressively in front of customers.

If you’re in need of commercial kitchen canopy systems, the ACK design and installation team can be your trusted partner to deliver the best results. Even after installation our service and maintenance team will ensure that the system continues to work efficiency, adhere to regulations, and allow your business to function at peak performance.

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Catalogue download

For further information on canopy systems download the latest ACK commercial kitchen ventilation systems catalogue. 

Design & construction

We take pride in the design and construction of our canopy extraction systems tailored for our customers individual needs.

At the heart of our systems are the best quality materials used for all situations with 1.2mm, grade 304 satin finish stainless steel used throughout with an all welded construction. Designs can include wall mounted, island types, and canopy overhang to the cooking equipment, now a mandatory specification. Systems also feature stainless steel draws for grease collection and easier maintenance.

canopy systems design and construction

Canopy system additional options

  • Low energy fitted canopy lighting

  • Replacement make-up air and gas interlock system installation (now mandatory for gas equipment)

  • Various fan, air vent and grille options

  • Ventilation ductwork, odour control, carbon cell filter and heat recovery system installation as required

Commercial kitchen canopy system options

High performance ventilation systems are an essential demand of any reputable and compliant commercial kitchen for a clean, comfortable and safe working environment. As well as canopy extraction, the systems we custom design and install for our customers comprise of many areas of expertise and options which, when combined give you the perfect kitchen.

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Canopy grease filters

For further information on canopy systems download the latest ACK commercial kitchen ventilation systems catalogue. 

commercial kitchen ductwork


gas interlock systems icon

Gas Interlock Systems


Carbon Cell Filter Systems


Extractor Fans

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Odour Control Systems

ventilation systems - kitchen make-up air system

Make-up Air Systems

ventilation systems - kitchen heat recovery system

Heat Recovery Systems

Ventilation HSE documents

Keeping you up to date with the latest commercial kitchen HSE regulations, DEFRA guidelines or other kitchen ventilation related specifications.

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