Carbon cell filter systems

Eliminate cooking odours with a carbon cell filter system

Used in conjunction with the ACK odour control systems like the Electrostatic Precipitator or Ultra-violet (UV-C) Systems, carbon cell filters offer an effective and practical odour or air pollution reduction in commercial kitchens.

Carbon cell filters for effective odour reduction

Eliminating all cooking odours, grease, air pollution and smoke requires multiple systems working in conjunction withy each other.

On its own carbon cell filter systems are not very practical for use with grease and smoke as their relatively large particles plug the micro porous structure making them ineffective. But they are highly effective at eliminating cooking odours, general odour, air pollutants and contaminants.

The units are constructed by mounting a series of carbon panel filters within a sealed case with the filtering surfaces arranged in a “V” formation. Each carbon panel is sealed into the filter case to ensure no air can bypass the carbon granules. The panels are manufactured using bonding techniques which hold the activated carbon granules together and covered in a carbon impregnated cloth to prevent the leakage of granules or powder, remaining intact and rigid even if wet.

Combining the effectiveness of the carbon cell filter system with other ACK odour control systems like Electrostatic Precipitators, will create a clean and safe kitchen environment.

Use carbon cell filters for effective odour removal

  • Elimination of cooking odours
  • General odour removal
  • Removal of air pollutants and contaminants
carbon cell filter
carbon cell filter system unit installation
  • 1

    ACK carbon cell filter extraction system – model CF2

  • 2

    Screw fasteners for quick and easy service access

  • 3

    Multi-layer filtration system with panel and cell filters

  • 4

    Attached handles for easy pull out and replacement

Catalogue download

For further information on carbon cell filter systems download the latest ACK commercial kitchen ventilation systems catalogue. 

Carbon cell filter unit specifications

  • A series of panel filters with sealed galvanised steel case
  • Surfaces arranged in a “V” formation
  • Impregnated cloth prevents leakage
  • Granules/powder remain intact and rigid
carbon cell filter unit specifications


700 x 850 x 660 mm

  • Recommended for normal commercial kitchens
  • Module capacity:
    0.1 sec dwell time
  • Filtergrade: 208


1250 x 850 x 660 mm

  • Recommended for commercial kitchens cooking lots of fried food
  • Module capacity:
    0.2 sec dwell time
  • Filtergrade: 208


1850 x 850 x 660 mm

  • Recommended for commercial kitchens cooking lots of spices and garlic
  • Module capacity:
    0.2-0.4 sec dwell time
  • Filtergrade: KI

Commercial kitchen carbon cell filter options

High performance ventilation systems are an essential demand of any reputable and compliant commercial kitchen for a clean, comfortable and safe working environment. As well as carbon cell filter units, the systems we custom design and install for our customers comprise of many areas of expertise and options which, when combined give you the perfect kitchen.


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Carbon Cell Filter Systems


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Ventilation HSE documents

Keeping you up to date with the latest commercial kitchen HSE regulations, DEFRA guidelines or other kitchen ventilation related specifications.

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