Commercial kitchen ventilation systems

High performance ventilation systems for a clean, comfortable and safe working environment

ACK offers a full range of commercial kitchen ventilation services including design and planning, manufacture, installation, maintenance and servicing as well as the supply of replacement parts, with over 30 years experience working for all kinds of restaurant, takeaway and catering business.

Canopy systems

We specialise in high performance, custom made canopy extraction systems in commercial kitchens for catering businesses, restaurants, takeaways and hotels. Our canopy systems are designed to remove air impurities, grease and excess heat as a central part of the overall extraction system.

Ventilation ductwork

Meeting the ventilation requirements of modern building design, ACK specialise in designing customised ventilation systems for commercial kitchens.  This includes flexible ventilation ductwork to move extracted air to a safe location and bring in replacement air back to the kitchen.

  • Designed and manufactured to meet the ventilation requirements of commercial kitchens

  • Flexible solutions for all sizes and demands

  • Rectangular and circular ductwork

gas interlock system G02

Gas interlock systems

Gas interlock systems cut-off the gas flow in the event of fan failures. ACK gas interlock systems operate by monitoring the operation of fans within the ventilation system via sensors which are installed on either side of the ductwork to monitor air pressure.

carbon cell filter extraction systems

Carbon cell filter systems

Eliminate cooking odours with a carbon cell filter system. Used in conjunction with the ACK odour control systems like the Electrostatic Precipitator or Ultra-violet (UV-C) Systems, carbon cell filters offer an effective and practical odour or air pollution reduction in commercial kitchens.

Canopy grease filters

Effective grease removal from commercial kitchen air-streams. Canopy Grease Filters remove grease from the air-stream before it enters the kitchen ventilation ductwork which systematically minimises fire risk, and makes cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation system more manageable.

Extractor fans

We supply a wide range of commercial kitchen extractor fans. These are an integral part of ventilation systems designed by ACK and are designed to cope with fumes and odours typical in commercial kitchens.

ventilation systems - kitchen odour control systems icon

Odour control systems

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are subject to the environmental criterion that no smoke or odour should be noticed at the exhaust. ACK offer effective odour, grease and smoke control systems to make commercial kitchens safe, clean and compliant.

ventilation systems - kitchen make-up air system

Make-up air systems

Ventilation systems need to supply an adequate amount of replacement air as well as extracting the unwanted air, pollutants, smoke and grease. We can install effective make-up air input systems that work efficiently with a kitchen's exhaust system.

ventilation systems - kitchen heat recovery system

Heat recovery systems

The Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is a self-contained system that balances the air intake and the exhausts. It delivers filtered, fresh air into the kitchen and extracts stale, moist and dirty air with minimal heat loss as well as contribute to energy saving benefits.

Ventilation HSE documents

Keeping you up to date with the latest commercial kitchen HSE regulations, DEFRA guidelines or other kitchen ventilation related specifications.

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