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A high quality range of Oriental cooking accessories and general kitchen utensils

Steamer accessories

Leading the way for commercial kitchens to become efficient with fast steam cooking, our ACK Eco Steamers are available with a growing range of steamer accessories.

A high quality range of ACK Steamer accessories are available within our ACK store for both commercial kitchens and domestic use.


Bain Maries

To adhere to food safety standards the Bain Maries store food at a pre-set temperature ensuring that cooked ingredients remain free of any form of bacterial growth.

Designed not to continue cooking stored food, the Bain Marie is an essential food warming appliance ideal for commercial kitchens and catering suppliers, which gently keeps pre-cooked food ready to eat for extended periods.

Restaurant Kitchen Circular Bain Marie

Circular Bain Marie

φ6.5" - 125302
φ8.5" - 125303
φ10.5" - 125304
Restaurant Kitchen Rectangular Bain Marie

Rectangular Bain Marie

550 x 450 x 250 mm
600 x 600 x 250 mm

Warmers & Plate Holders

Plate warmers and holders are the perfect solution for keeping plates ready to use. We supply a range of plate warmers to keep plates at the correct temperature featuring multi-spring mechanisms to give easy adjustment for different plate weights and sizes.

Restaurant Kitchen Candle Holder Warmer

Candle Holder Warmer

Stainless Steel
380 x 175 x 65 mm - 192801
Restaurant Kitchen Stainless Steel Warmer

Stainless Steel Warmer

φ450 - H450 mm - 105606
φ450 - H500 mm - 105607
φ500 - H500 mm - 105608
φ500 - H600 mm - 105609
Restaurant Kitchen Warmer

Electric Water Warmer

φ450 x H700 mm - 106002
φ500 x H800 mm - 106003
Restaurant Kitchen Plate Warmer

Plate Warmer

Stainless Steel.
φ400 - H880 mm - 113501
Restaurant Kitchen Mobile Plate Warmer

Mobile Plate Warmer

450 x 450 x H930 mm - 113502

ACK Store

The ACK Store offers a range of Oriental catering equipment spare parts and accessories to purchase online, such as for wok cookers, steamers and ovens, as well as the ACK Wok.


ACK supply stainless steel Gastronorm containers which provides good heat retention for hot foods.

The stainless steel provides a strong and durable container for use across a wide range of temperatures, from the extremes of oven cooking and blast chilling. Typically our gastronomes works well with Buffet display units and the heat retaining properties of the polished stainless steel make them ideal with hot plates and display counters.

Restaurant Kitchen Gastronorms


530 x 327 x 20 x 0.7 mm - 126601
327 x 265 x 20 x 0.7 mm - 126611
265 x 164 x 65 x 0.7 mm - 126001
176 x 164 x 65 x 0.7 mm - 126101
176 x 109 x 65 x 0.7 mm - 126201
327 x 353 x 20 x 0.7 mm - 126671

BBQ Tools & Hooks

Our ACK barbecue accessories for Roaster Ovens will help you achieve perfectly cooked Peking duck and crispy pork belly. Contact us about our stainless steel BBQ pork forks and S Shape hooks for hanging meat within the oven.

ACK Chinese BBQ Pork Forks

BBQ Pork Fork

20" - Stainless Steel
ACK S Shape Chinese BBQ Beef Hooks

‘S’ Shape Chicken Hooks

Stainless Steel
φ3.0 x 140 mm - 132601
φ3.0 x 170 mm - 132602
ACK S Shape Chinese BBQ Beef Hooks

‘S’ Shape Chicken Hooks

6" - 133202
7" - 133203


We offer a large selection of Stainless Steel Scoops for food processing & material handling for use within commercial kitchens, restaurants and ideal for buffet display units. All our scoops are approved for direct food contact.

ACK Kitchen Utensils Accessories Stainless Steel Scoop rounded

Stainless Steel Scoop

6 oz - 181101
12 oz - 181102
24 oz - 181103
36 oz - 181104
ACK Kitchen Utensils Accessories Stainless Steel Scoop

Stainless Steel Scoop

Extra small - 181301
Small - 181302
Medium - 181303
Large - 181304
Extra Large - 181305

ACK Store | Woks, Accessories, Utensils & Spare Parts

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