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Products and systems for commercial kitchens need to be robust, reliable and built to the highest quality. If you’re running a busy restaurant, takeaway or hotel you will demand exacting standards from high performance products in your kitchen. Our products and the solutions we develop around them for customers worldwide adhere to the highest quality standards and include unique operating, safety and economy features.

Browse our ACK products and solutions from wok cookers and steamers through to ventilation solutions essential for any commercial kitchen. Proudly innovated, designed and manufactured in the UK, we hope you find everything you need when planning or upgrading your facilities. If you require any assistance please contact our Chinese and English speaking sales and technical teams on 01761 453666.

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Wok Cookers

The highest standards of design and manufacture are combined to produce our comprehensive gas and induction wok cooker ranges for commercial kitchens, busy restaurants, takeaways and hotels. See our innovative ideas translated into high performance wok cooker models. | MORE


Ventilation Systems

A full range of commercial kitchen ventilation systems adhering to the highest quality standards which provide compliant, safe and productive environments. Ventilation systems include the design and planning, manufacture and installation for any commercial kitchen worldwide. | MORE



The Multi Purpose Eco Steamer Range are ideal for preparing dim sum and rice roll/chung fung dishes to an excellent standard. Use less energy and cook faster with prepared food from frozen to served in approximately 7 minutes. | MORE


Roasters & Ovens

A versatile and reliable roaster featuring an innovative design which enables easier maintenance and a faster, more energy efficient way of cooking Crispy Pork and Peking Duck to an excellent standard. | MORE


Teppanyaki Griddles

The Teppanyaki griddle is a Japanese style of cooking food that involves grilling food on a very hot, flat surface. Deliciously fresh dishes including meats, fish and vegetables sizzle on the Teppanyaki griddle resulting in wonderful tasty and vibrant looking food. | MORE

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The ACK Wok range features heavyweight, lightweight, super lightweight and induction woks ideally suited for both commercial kitchens and domestic use. The quality of the materials, manufacture and cooking performance sets the ACK wok range apart from standard woks and is the wok of choice for 1000’s of restaurants, takeaways, hotels and catering suppliers throughout the UK. | MORE

Did you know...?

Our ACK wok pan with a unique patented design features a curved rim top to prevent drips.

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Utensils & Accessories

A high quality range of Oriental cooking accessories and general kitchen utensils ideal for commercial kitchens and domestic use. See our steamer accessories, bain maries, gastronorms, warmers, plate holders, BBQ tools, hooks and scoops. | MORE

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Need help finding an ACK product?

We hope you’re able to find everything you need while browsing our site. If you require any assistance finding a product, or wish to discuss any of our services please call or email our Chinese and English speaking sales and technical teams.  We look forward to helping you.

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