Induction Wok – Heavyweight Carbon Steel Round Base

Our Induction Wok range are heavyweight carbon steel woks ideal for commercial kitchens and domestic use. This round base wok comes with a patented curved rim to prevent drips and is available in 13″ diameter.

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Our induction heavyweight carbon steel round bottomed woks, are made especially to use with ACK induction cookers, suitable for commercial restaurant usage and also at home on domestic induction wok cookers.

Very clean wok cooking is more achievable using induction technology, and our induction wok range are easy to clean and are ultra hygienic. Made of heavyweight carbon steel our induction woks come in 13″ diameter and feature a round base.

Along with our traditional woks, the induction range are covered by a unique patented ACK design which features a curved rim to prevent drips around the outside of the wok. Also a base stabilser to stop the wok slipping forward causing spills on to the cooker surface.

Durable construction for long life with a re-inforced welded handle. Hardwood varnished handle that is coated specifically for keeping a comfortable grip over longer periods of use. The handle also has an ACK brand logo stamp.

Easy to clean and hygienic.

For commercial and domestic use
Suitable for usage with the ACK Induction Wok Cooker Range
Unique patented ACK design
Heavyweight carbon steel
Curved rim to prevent drips
Base stabilser – stops slips and spills
Re-inforced welded handle
Easy to clean and hygienic
Comfortable hardwood varnished handle, coated for a better grip
ACK brand logo stamp on handle

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3 reviews for Induction Wok – Heavyweight Carbon Steel Round Base

  1. Sudheer Gupta

    Great wok for our London kitchens. Glad we found these and would highly recommend. 5star.

  2. Mark Miles

    We have been using these woks for 18 months, and all our chefs love them.

  3. Dipali Buch

    Perfect for our induction cooker. Strong construction, and hopefully will last forever, well.. a long time anyway.

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