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Living Wage employer

We are a Living Wage employer

At ACK, we are committed to quality and innovation. As part of our commitment, we take the wellbeing of our team seriously. Over the past year, we have re-invested more in staff training and additional safety measures for our team. We also review our commitment to fair pay across the board. We are proud to […]

gate gourmet installed ack manufacturing wok cooker

Gate Gourmet – Wok Cooker Testimonial

Gate Gourmet is the leading global provider of airline catering solutions and provisioning services for airlines, both in-flight at over 200 airports and at airport lounges. From menu design through execution and delivery, our passion is giving our airline customers and their passengers an exceptional experience. Gate Gourmet first contacted ACK Manufacturing requiring a wok […]

regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to protect your dim sum steamer

101 Guide to Cleaning and maintenance for atmospheric steamers

With your dim sum steamer’s installation, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to protect your steamer’s longevity and performance. When cleaning, we do not recommend using any wire wool abrasives on stainless steel as it may encourage staining and corrosion. Water Hardness Your steamer’s longevity and performance and all water appliances are dependent on the […]

cantonese meat roaster oven redesigned for commercial kitchens

Why the new roaster oven challenges old conventions

Roast meat hanging in the window for hungry customers is a staple sight in many Chinese restaurants. Customers unfamiliar with the roasting process will not know that the heart usually hangs above a roaring fire and coals to achieve that smoky flavour. These ovens are no more than a simple large barrel, made out of […]

ack wok range

5 benefits of induction wok cookers

Chinese wok cookers have traditionally been powered by fire and gas. Chefs talk about ‘Wok Hei’ — the strength of the burners to give dishes that extra ‘oomph’ and flavor. However, a combination of stricter regulations, changes in gas supply in venues, and changing attitudes means that gas wok cookers have become more prohibitive. Induction […]

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