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Wok Cooker Water & Waste Parts

ACK Water Faucet

Wok Cooker Water Faucet
Wok Cooker Water Faucet
Swivel water faucet.
For HD & MD Ranges 2010>.

ACK Water Faucet with Tap

ACK Wok Cooker Water Faucet
Wok Cooker Water Faucet
Swivel water faucet with tap.
For old MD Range <2010 & ECO Range.

ACK Water Tap

ACK Wok Cooker Water Tap
Wok Cooker Water Tap
ACK water tap (new).
For all ACK wok cookers.

ACK Water Valve

Wok Cooker CIM Water Valve Blue Handle
Wok Cooker Water Valve
For front operated swivel water faucet tap.
15mm compression.
CIM ball valve.
Blue handle.

ACK Waste Filter Box

ACK Wok Cooker Waste Filter Box
Wok Cooker Waste Filter Box
For AE or ACK wok cookers >1985.

Spare Parts Categories


All gas parts supplied by ACK must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered or CITB Certified person in accordance with current Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations.
Please note that the wok cooker spare parts are sold as direct replacements of the original parts fitted to the wok cookers manufactured by our company, and are not intended for wok cookers manufactured by other companies, which may have different specifications and not be useable.
We strongly advise that replacement wok cooker spare parts exactly match the original parts which are faulty or broken. Our company will not be held liable if replacement parts with different specifications to the original parts are used instead.
If you are not sure, please forward photos of your wok cooker, it’s data plate and the part to spareparts@ackwokcookers.com, and our staff can assist with identifying the correct spare part required.

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