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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

High performance systems for a clean, comfortable and safe working environment.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation HVAC Systems

ACK offers a full range of commercial kitchen ventilation services including design and planning, manufacture, installation, maintenance and servicing as well as the supply of replacement parts, with over 30 years experience working for all kinds of restaurant, takeaway and catering business.

  • Extraction canopies
  • Ventilation ductwork
  • Gas interlock systems
  • Extractor fans
  • Canopy extraction filters
  • Carbon cell filter systems
  • Make-up air systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Odour control systems
  • HSE regulations advice
  • Servicing and cleaning
  • Site surveys and assessments

Kitchen Canopies

Canopies remove air impurities, excess heat and grease as part of the extract system. We design, manufacture and install excellent quality stainless steel canopies including front and back of house overhead, wall mounted and island types made to requirements and up to date with the latest DW/172 regulations.

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Extraction Canopy Hood Systems

Ventilation Ductwork

Ductwork moves the extracted air to a safe location usually via an outside wall or roof, it also brings in replacement air back to the kitchen. We provide various ductwork services including the design, construction and installation as well as maintenance and cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ductwork Services Cleaning

Gas Interlock Systems

G.I.S cut-off gas flow in the event of kitchen extraction fan failures. It is now a mandatory requirement when installing a new canopy, a new cooker line or layout, and with fitting of Category ‘B’ equipment such as ovens, deep fryers etc., including replacements to an existing layout.

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Commercial Kitchen Gas Interlock Systems

Carbon Cell Filter Systems

Our range of carbon cell filter system units are designed and manufactured for ease of installation and incorporation into ducted air systems. They can be used on the supply for purifying incoming air, and also on the extract to remove toxic gasses and odours.

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Odour Control Carbon Cell Filter Systems

Extractor Fans & Canopy Filters

Extractor Fans

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fans

  • Plate axial fans
  • Cased axial fans
  • Contra-rotating fans
  • Turbo fans
  • Speed controllers
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Canopy Filters

Commercial Kitchen Filters

  • Baffle grease filters
  • Flame barrier filters
  • Wire mesh filters
  • Disposable pre-filters
  • Carbon bag filters
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Odour Control Systems

When a restaurant or commercial kitchen opens it is subject to the environmental criterion that no smoke or odour should be noticed at the exhaust. Environmental Health Officers are able to serve notice on premises causing odour nuisance. We can provide a range of effective methods for controlling odours in the work environment and surrounding areas including Electrostatic {ESP} units, air purifiaction units and UV-C technology.

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Odour Control Systems

Make-up Air Systems

Regulations now require that ventilation systems supply an adequate amount of replacement air as incorrect flueing can lead to incomplete combustion and the build up of pollutants such as carbon monoxide. We can install effective make-up air input systems that work efficiently with a kitchens exhaust system.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Make-up Air

Heat Recovery Systems

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is a self-contained system that balances the air intake and exhausts, delivering filtered, fresh air into your kitchen and extracting stale, moist and dirty air with minimal heat loss. This provides energy savings benefits by reducing heating requirements while improving air quality and temperature control.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems

HSE Regulations

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest kitchen ventilation HSE regulations. Contact us for assistance if you have any enquiries or require advice regarding regulations such as the B&ES DW/172 document, DEFRA guidelines or any other kitchen ventilation related specifications.

Canopy ‘edge to edge overhang’

Canopy Edge To Edge Overhang

The overhang distance from the outside edges of the equipment and the outside edges of the canopy is now required to be 300mm.

Replacement make-up air

Replacement Make-up Air

A kitchen ventilation system providing adequate replacement air is not an optional extra any more but a regulatory requirement.
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Contact ACK Sales

Our team has experienced sales and technical staff available to guide you, from the first point of contact where we will evaluate the requirements, through the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a ventilation system.

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Design & Planning

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Design Planning

Our team can provide all of the advice and assistance needed for design and planning stages.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Canopy Ductwork Filter Manufacture

Manufacture of custom canopies and filter systems by our skilled engineers at the Bristol factory.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Installation

Installation services for kitchen ventilation systems, parts and catering equipment of all kinds.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Maintenance Cleaning HSE Assessments

A range of maintenance and cleaning services for canopies, fans, filters, ductwork and more.

Replacement Parts

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Replacement Fans Filters Parts

We supply a wide range of fans, filters and other parts from our factory and showroom store.

Useful HVAC/HSE Documents

DW/172 HVCA Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems

The standard for kitchen ventilation design in the UK.
HSE Information Sheet No. 10

The guidance will assist caterers in assessing whether existing ventilation is adequate.
DEFRA Control of Odour and Noise From Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Guidance on the control of odour and noise for commercial kitchens.
Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin 140

Technical information for Gas Safe registered businesses/engineers and commercial kitchen designers.
HSE CAIS 23 (Revision 2) – Gas Safety In Catering and Hospitality

Guidance on relevant aspects of safety in the use and maintenance of gas-fired equipment.

Guidance on the design and application of interlock devices and associated systems.
ESOS – Complying with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Information for organisations which qualify for an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme audit.